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Love Cobblestone Candies! From beginning to end...

Great website and easy to navigate. We ordered several items and they were delivered on time and packed very well to ensure they don't melt during delivery. You really can't go wrong with any item, but we loved the sea salt caramel! So good!! Great service and great product!


I dare you to get these and not eat them all in one sitting! #AcceptTheChallenge

Excellent gourmet caramel

Cobblestone's caramels will transport you straight to your favorite childhood memories, except with better ingredients. They are the sort of indulgence which pairs well with a blanket by the fireplace, reading your book of the month or catching up with a friend. Of course your child will want some, but you will hide it from them, because their palettes are not sophisticated enough to appreciate the delicate, yet gooey, notes of these caramels. Happy noshing!

Classic Butter Caramels
Gina Garibaldi

The consistency of these caramels is so creamy and they are delectable!!! Yummy!!!! I wish I lived closer, I'd eat these everyday!!

I found out about these caramels when my coworker got me the NYC Advent calendar.

Maple Bourbon Caramels
Gina Garibaldi

The consistency of these caramels is so creamy and they are delectable!!! Yummy!!!! I wish I lived closer, I'd eat these everyday!!

I found out about these caramels when my coworker got me the NYC Christmas Advent calendar.

Amazing taste

These caramels are really delightful. The taste is well balanced - giving a sweet treat without being too sweet.

Really soft and delicious

These are the best caramels I’ve ever had. I don’t know how the consistency is so perfect . The real cocoa flavor comes through and is beautifully balanced with the sea salt.

Amazing caramels

These caramels have the perfect consistency - they are soft without being too chewy and the maple bourbon is such an amazing flavor (although it is hard to pick a favorite flavor!)

Each caramel is not too heavy and has a great balanced taste. I bought a few for Christmas presents but couldn’t resist keeping some for myself

Gingerbread Caramels [Seasonal]
So Good

The perfect treat for the holidays.


Loved the rich butter taste.

The Best Candy Ever!

The flavor and texture are amazing! I can't get enough!

Let the good times roll!

Excellent blend of flavors. A must try.

Gingerbread Caramels [Seasonal]
Tis The Season

Interesting flavor - does bring forth the spirit of the holiday season.

Chocolate delight

Great combination of flavors and texture.

Vanilla Sea Salt

Classic caramel flavor with pitch perfect taste and texture.

Best caramels ever

I got a sample of these in my city league coffee order they are fantastic. I had to order some

My favorite flavor! Texture and taste make this the best I’ve ever tasted.

Delicious! Simply the best!!

Unique flavor

I wasn't sure I'd like the chocolate sea salt caramels initially. I usually don't eat too many chocolatey foods/candies, but I actually enjoyed them. If you don't like chocolate there's a chance you might like these, if you do love chocolate you'll probably love them.

One of the best flavors I've had

One of my favorites and second to Gingerbread only imho. And I'm sure of this as I essentially inhaled them shortly after opening the packaging. 5/5 and will definitely order again.

A classic caramel with good texture and flavor

If you're generally a fan of caramel you'll love these. It fits the standard flavor and consistency found in most gourmet caramels. Definitely near the top of the ones I have tried so far from Cobblestone. 5/5

[Archived] Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels
Best caramels I've eaten

I loved these caramels!! They are so buttery and soft. My favorite flavor is the chocolate and the one with sea salt. So good 😊

Our new Favorite Caramels

We were fortunate to stumble onto Cobblestone at a Brooklyn Farmers Market. Our new go to for giving gifts and for our own pantry. The chocolate flavor is next-level.